Meeting With Myself

I got lost.
I went searching for myself.
I closed my eyes, the darkness was falling down… to where did I come?
I´m standing in front of a temple.
The old man is looking at me from the stairs. 
He is wearing a light cassock, his beard is reaching to his breast.
I am climbing the stairs and heading to greet him.
He disappears in the bowels of the temple which swallows me as well.
I feel cold.
And where I will go now?
I don´t have time for reasoning.
The stairs are leading up and the other ones are fading in the deepness.
The gentle light doesn’t discover where they should end.
I´m sinking.
The stairs are beating like my heart.
The impact of foot… “bang’!.
I feel like inside of a soul of somebody else.
I´m going to the door with a golden handle.
I´m opening it.
The wooden altar is covered by white tablecloth
with flowers in vase and a shining candle.
Nice welcome.
May I sit down?
I´m waiting…
Who will come to introduce me to myself?
Just the deep silence.
Maybe somebody is upstairs.
Maybe I entered the wrong door.
Maybe… I´m looking right into myself.
So that is me?
How difficult and easy at the same time.
I asked a question.
It´s flying around me for a while.
And then it sits down next to me and gives me an answer.
I am trying again. 
So that is how it works.
I´m walking back somewhat easier and with a smile on my face.
I feel I´m flying.
And there down I see a woman.
She reminds me of somebody.
She is looking up at me and waving.
I don’t feel lost anymore.
Down there it is myself.

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19 thoughts on “Meeting With Myself

  1. “I don’t have time for reasoning”…. Beautiful insert and I love the idea of your question flying in midair💜

    Thank you for inviting me here. Blessings…e

    • Majka

      I just did some correction because the poem was written when my English was n’t at the very high level. So you can reread it if you wish so. Thanks a lot for stopping at the poem and for your kind words. Blessings!

      • Even more impressive! What’s your first language?

      • Majka

        Thank you! My first language is Slovak and I tried to translate some of my Slovak poems to English. I didn’t review those poems after I improved in English so I will go slowly through them and do some little corrections. Still need to learn a lot. English is my fourth language 🙂

      • Wow that is so darn cool! Amazing!

      • Majka

        Thanks again 🙂 it is a joy now to write in English

  2. The journey to self is a mystery. Where are we going? Whom do we meet? At first, everything seems strange, though still inviting. And when we turn in the candle-lit darkness we find ourselves. And when in the light of day again, we find the self there, too. This is what you have crafted for us. Your work is as creative as it is real. Thank you!

  3. Your work is marvelous! I really enjoyed reading Meeting With Myself, and I would like to re-post it, with your permission. I’m glad you posted it today for us all to see before the commons closes.

    • Majka

      Thanks a lot! I am glad you like it and thanks for sharing with others! Blessings!

  4. Reblogged this on SOMETIMES and commented:
    This poem is so wonderful and meaningful to me that I want to reblog it here on my own site. I know my readers will enjoy it as much as I have. (Gradmama2011)

  5. I love reading through a post that will make men and women think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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