God Is Not Blind (Praying for Ukraine)

God is not blind,

He will hear those who cry

out to Him,

He will see those, who will go down

on their knees.

God is gracious and bigger than any war,

He will never abandon the nation,

He empowered for this earthly fight.

God is with all of us, who trust

and seek His Heart,

He will fight the good fight

and deliver us from the devil’s claws.

Be courageous and don’t stop to call upon His name,

God is not blind, and he will see your pain.

God will hear your cry, dear Ukraine,

just stand strong and trust Him,

in Jesus’ Name.


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500 million downloads

…and all happed this morning! :tada:
Wow, such an amazing milestone for the YouVersion and the Bible Application!
Thanks again, Bobby Gruenewald for answering God’s calling and bringing your idea to Life! :raised_hands:
Thank you, dear @Lena for recording this for all of us from Moscow and @Chris , recording from Mongolia, and thank you all, who took part and are still serving God via YouVersion so we can continue spreading the Word across the globe, and bring it to all nations, to all those who hunger for God’s Word.

Still don’t have your Bible Application on your device?

You can download it here and enjoy the Bible and Bible Reading Plans in your mother language, you can read it alone or with your family, friends, in your church.

We have also the Bible Application for Kids.



You can see the countdown below:


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The Bible is Alive!

This month we are CELEBRATING a huge milestone in the YouVersion story! But, it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the people that the numbers represent. People, around the world, are experiencing life-change and a personal relationship with Jesus as they seek God every day through His Word :earth_asia::bible: 

If you missed this weekend’s message from Bobby Gruenewald (founder of YouVersion), you can watch it now on demand! Learn the story of YouVersion, hear what God is doing around the world through Bible Translation

Watch and Share with others! 


We are part of an Eternal Mission!

YouTube | Life.ChurchThis Book Can Change Your Life | The Bible Is Alive

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Summer memories – Paultons Park, New Forest, Hempshire, UK

If you are a person, who have kids or carrying that kid inside yourself, this place is just the right thing for you. We couldn’t even explore the whole amusement park, as we booked only a one day ticket, but those hours, we spent at Paultons Park were worth it.

Btw. one of the greatest things about this park are, Kids under 1m go free!

Our main theme, we were aim to visit and give it as a BD present to our 3yo son and his brother was the Peppa Pig World.

Peppa Pig and George Pig

Here are few main facts about Paultons Park:

Paultons is the UK’s number 1 family theme park — located in Hampshire with over 70 exciting rides and attractions, set within 140 acres of beautiful parkland on the edge of the New Forest National Park. Paultons is also home of the UK’s only Peppa Pig World with 9 fun Peppa-themed rides, great for an amazing day out with the kids.

Enjoy roller coasters, thrill rides, family rides, indoor and outdoor play areas, water splash parks, entertainments and an astonishing collection of birds and animals at our amusement park. (source Paultons Park website)

To avoid any disapointment, I would just add, some of the rides are limited to certain height,

so our younger one couldn’t go with me on the George’s Dinosaur Adventure (which broke my hearth, because this would be his favourite one). I chose the picture below, so you can see his little finger pointing on his older brother and daddy. I am glad, he is not very demanding and didn’t cry to get on the ride.

Some of the attractions will offer a ride photography, which you can then purchase at the small outdoor stalls. These are not the cheapest though 😊

George’s Dinosaur Adventure

The park offers rides for older kids and adults as well, but these come with more restrictions, so we will maybe try these, when our boys will be a little bit older.

If you decided to take a break from the rides, the park offers beautiful spots such as Little Africa, Tropical Birds, Gardens and Outdoor Playgrounds.

We will definitely have to visit again and explore the rest of the park in the future 😊

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Summer memories – Longdown Activity Farm, New Forest, Hempshire, UK

Traveling accross the New Forest District, you will be passing by many farms, but the Londown Activity Farm is the right place, if you love not only looking at the animals but, if you would love to touch, caress and feed them.

I was very happy discovering this place as our trips are mostly focused on places, where our two toddlers can have some fun, lots of fun! 😀

So much excitement caressing these little ones 🐤🐹

…and a little bigger ones 🐷🐮

… riding the tractor and operating the digger 🚜

These are only few of many activities, you and your children will definitelly love.

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Happy and smily Monday to you all!

I would love to bring a little smile to your faces and ease your Monday today with the explanation of how my 3yo son views these very common and well knows parking signs. 😊

(With all respect and apology to the disabled).

This weekend, we went to one of the supermarkets to fill up our fridge and cupboards, and when stepping out of the car, my 3yo son pointed at the Family parking sign saying:
“Mommy, I have to hold your hand like that, the cars are dangerous!” 😎

Passing by another sing for the disabled, he pointed on this sign saying:
“Mommy, I have to use the potty, I have to sit on the potty.” 😅

Are there any signs your kiddos explained in their own way?

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